At Last

At Last by Julie Ortolon

Texas Heat Wave

Riley Stone kissed Hope, Texas, good-bye and good riddance ten years ago, when she headed out to conquer the music world with a head full of dreams and a heart bruised by unrequited love. Now the alluring singer is back with one mission in mind–to save the town’s old music hall before Jackson Hope can tear it down.

Long ago, Riley fell for Jackson–a skinny kid with worldly ways and a family who literally owned the town. But now the elder Hopes are letting their town fall apart. Signs of dilapidation are everywhere….except on the grown-up and strikingly sexy Jackson. As the two go toe-to-toe, Riley can’t help but take notice.

Jackson is having a hard enough time trying to pull the town out of bankruptcy without battling the girl who tormented him with desire through his high school years–especially when she’s even more tempting than he remembers. And now he’s going to have to choose between the life he planned and a woman he finds unforgettable.