Too Perfect

Too Perfect by Julie Ortolon

Book 3: The Perfect Trilogy

A Wandering Duckling
Defying the terrible sense of direction that’s kept her form traveling, Amy ships out as a nanny on a Caribbean cruise-and promptly gets lost when they stop on St. Bart’s. Now she’s stranded without any money-or even a toothbrush!

A Two-Faced Beast
Locals say that Gaspar, owner of the island’s crumbling fortress, is a hideous recluse. They call him La Bete, “The Beast.” But when Amy applies for a job at the fort, she meets only his charming assistant, Beaufort. In truth, the two are the same man-billionaire Byron Parks, who’s desperately seeking privacy and peace.

A Perfect Fairy Tale?
Amy aches for the miserable man secluded in the fortress tower. Through e-mail, they begin an imaginative exchange of romantic fantasies. Byron is hopelessly smitten with his sexy storyteller-but will his real-life make-believe ruin their happy ending?