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Almost Perfect by Julie OrtolonJust Perfect by Julie OrtolonToo Perfect by Julie Ortolon

A Note from Romance Author Julie Ortolon

I’ve always had a thing about self-help books. I don’t like them. When I read a book about “how to be a better person,” I feel worse about myself, not better. The same way beauty magazines make me feel ugly. My distaste turned into a delicious idea for a trilogy.

In the Perfect Trilogy, I take four women who have been friends since college and have one of them become a famous motivational speaker with best selling self help book. My three heroine, Maddy, Christine, and Amy, being supportive friends, do what any nice friend would do. They show up at the booksigning. Imagine how their jaws will drop when they open their autographed copies of How to Have a Perfect Life and discover that their “friend” used them as negative examples of how women let fear screw up their lives.

I know! They’re pretty ticked off too!

There’s only one thing for them to do: Prove Miss Perfect wrong.

Maddy, Christine, and Amy make a pact. They each have one year to face a fear that has been holding them back from pursuing their dreams. Their individual journeys set them on a collision course with a sexy, irresistible hero who will prove the perfect match for these three feisty heroines as they learn that falling in love can be the scariest thrill of all.

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The Perfect Trilogy by Julie Ortolon

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What the Reviewers are Saying…

Almost Perfect

“Almost Perfect is a heart-warming story of what can happen when you open up your heart to love and trust again… Julie Ortolon weaves this tale together beautifully. There’s witty dialogue balanced with a sizzling attraction. Readers will feel the emotions of Maddy and Joe falling in love all over again, because Ms. Ortolon writes with such heart. As equally palpable are their fears, excitement, and passions.”

- Jaymi, Fallen Angel Reviews

Just Perfect

“Just Perfect by the delightfully talented Julie Ortolon is the perfect book to pick up your spirits, make you laugh, and give you the courage to face your worst fears. Watching these two perfectly matched individuals fall in love is a joy to behold. I strongly encourage readers to pick up this enchanting novel!”

- Nadine St. Denis, Romance Junkies

“Just Perfect is the second book in Julie Ortolon’s “Perfect” series, and it is fantastic. It is a stand-alone story — without any confusion about other characters — and really packs a wallop to you heart and your emotions. Alec, and his dog Buddy, are awesome heroes, and just what the doctor ordered for Christine. The protagonist’s backgrounds are totally opposite, which proves that opposites do attract and make the best kind of couple. However Alec loves Colorado, the mountains, and his job; Christine loves her job in Austin. Who will make the great sacrifice, and will it be worth it? Just Perfect is a must read for lovers of a well-written, heart-tugging story. Believe me when I say, this book truly is just perfect.”

- Betty Cox, Affaire de Coeur

Too Perfect

“Talk about a twist on the old “Beauty & the Beast” tale. I have never read anything like this story. This is the last book in the “Perfect” series. Of the three, this one is definitely the best. I hated seeing this trilogy end. I feel as though I know these three ladies and I am going to miss them. Author Julie Ortolon is going to have a hard time topping this book though. She has made a life-long fan in me. Highly recommended reading.”

- Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

“Too Perfect is a super conclusion to a truly fantastic trilogy. Julie Ortolon’s characters are so real and likeable, I want to add them to my Christmas card list. The romance is wonderful, and the interaction and witty dialogue between the characters is perfect. Throw in Ms. Ortolon’s trademark humor and you have a book that is truly perfect.”

- Betty Cox, Affaire de Coeur

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